Monday, January 15, 2007

new new new

so wuts been up.. hip and happening.. got a hair cut :) a cool bob ;p

started a new place in my work rotation.. real busy place and far more beter experience.. i get to work with my friends as well.. a huge plus ;)

i miss my blog.. i have alot of things to blog abt walla i dont know where to start!... so here is wut am goin to do.. ill suggest the topics and according to ur feedback.. ill post something ;p

-pictures with commentary

- harrasements at work "believe it or not!"

-EVUL jiji

-jiji`s gym diaries

-why jiji looks ENGLISH!! "i know!!!!!"

-red lipstick tragedy

-red lipstick hunger

-red lipstick envy

-hair problems and simple how-to-fix-it-at home bits

kefkom everyday ill look at wut uve suggested and post BUNA2AN 3ala raghabat ow 6alabat qura2ey el a3iza`a :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hot Issue

so what was i busy doing? i was busy being a good girl basically.. whod do her job.. come back home.. rest then go out with friends.. then decided to go back to gym.. a place i deserted almost 3 years ago.. but i figured since i had nothing better to do with my free time why not renew my membership.. i hate goin there.. everytime i drive up there or even climb the stairs an orphan tear streams down my face :( but the moment am there am happy and energetic ;)

hmmm... yeah also ive been dining out also almost every night ;p ambeh.. i mean ive been to all the new places and tried maybe half of their menues ;p and yeah.. i have ice cream issues :(

another matter to discuss after my glorious return is.. MY HAIR:

its a lame plain long clad of i dont know wut.. and i wanna do something new with it.. any suggestions?

kany radet

inzeen inzeeeen... kaaany... i havent realized its been this long! *kisses her blog*

for a while i was too bored and depressed and decided to halt bloggin for some time... then my whole blog (Thanx to a sweet somebody ;p) got all screwed up.. and since i hate computers and makin things work, i gave up.. plus it was ramadan.. then 3ed.. then work.. and blekh.... everytime i visted my blog i felt sick.. sick cuz of the way it looked.. all it needed was a basic template.. bs el3ayaz.. i told u i hate computers ;p


sooo... last night it hit me, i changed the templet.. and here i am again :)

boy do i have LOADS and LOADS of stuff to blog about ;p... just u wait and see

p.s i missssssssssssssssssed u aaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Thursday, September 21, 2006

off time

i think i need some time off of blogging.. so many things going around these days.. so many ppl dieing and goin to hopitals and stff :(

and to top it all off.. my best friends granfather passed away yesterday.. this man whom we feared! i used to think for a million minutes before i go into my friends house. .since they lived in his house.. and how i was obliged to wear 7jab even before i wore it when i had to go in and he happened to be home.. kan lah heeba sij..

allah yer7uma inshala ow e3een ahala inshalla..

thats it for me now.. hope to see u soon..

kil 3am ow entaw bkher jame3an

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

sssshhhaaaallliiiimmm galbaaa elly eb yalbeeesaa

Monday, September 04, 2006

yakhty 3aleeha... yakhty 3aleeha ow yakhty 3aleeeha


NO! u cant hurt me with her.. bs everytime i can assign her name of a person i want to get back at or hurt and shell do the trick ;p

Saturday, September 02, 2006


just when everything seemes to be happy and we live life one day at a time.. death comes when we least expect it and snatches one of our dearest loved ones..

i just came from work to hear the awful news.. our neighbour`s mother has passed away.. allah yer7amha ow yghamid`ha fasee7 janataa ya rab!

this lady, altho spoke no word of arabic was like our gran`ma next door.. shed always send their maids to ask us to come cuz she wants to see kids in her house.. and whenever the weather is cooler shed tell her daughter to throw BBQs or dinner parties outdoors.. ever since we moved in our new house she was the sweet face we got used to and LOVED to see everytime we go inside our house, since she used to love sitting in the terace waving at us morning and afternoon anytime wed come and go.. maskeena.. am gonna miss that face.. and now.. i regret so much not visitting her that much often..

her name was Mee`hri.. but we used to call her mama koodi.. and she loved it when we called her that name..

i lost my 2 grandmothers and i was happy i still had a 3rd one.. but now.. i have none.. i know its so selfish of me to think so.. bs wut can i do.. am heart broken..

allah yer7amha and may her soul rest in peace.. amen

Monday, August 28, 2006

Best Read: السجينة

السجينة .. كابوس لا ينتهي

I have never enjoyed a book like this before.. i read it 3 years ago and i still consider it to be THE best book ive ever read. 7emdilla its now available both in Q8 and online after being "mamnoo3" to enter Q8 for political reasons!

A TRUE MASTER PIECE not to be missed.

Click to view

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